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Dr. Leslie DeGasparis, N.D.



Patients often come to Dr. Leslie after seeing several doctors for hormone, thyroid and nutrition issues and have still not found any resolution to their health concerns. Dr. Leslie is known for being a great listener, a tenacious researcher and analyst, a true advocate for her patients and for giving them the tools needed so they can be in the driver’s seat when it comes to accomplishing their health goals.


She helps patients with thyroid and related hormonal imbalances that can occur for many reasons. She takes into account adrenal and reproductive hormones, as well as the thyroid hormone balance for optimizing her patient’s health. She works with both men and women, and also often helps significantly with infertility issues, pregnancy and postpartum issues, as well as menopausal hormone imbalances. She is also an expert in identifying if undiagnosed hypothyroidism is a primary cause of infertility issues for her patients, as it often is, and is often missed by fertility specialists. She can work closely with a patient’s primary doctor including a patient’s Ob-Gyn to help consult and combine efforts to create the best solution for long-term health.


In Dr. Leslie's Words

“My philosophy is that standard testing does not show the whole, definitive picture – I take the time to get to know your health goals and concerns, do thorough and detailed testing and then together create a plan that gets you results. It has been very rewarding over the years to collaborate with all my patients to help find the answers they have been seeking. I am highly dedicated to personalized and comprehensive care and the outcomes that can significantly improve your life. I like having a partnership with my patients - I have the medical knowledge and you have your own personal knowledge – so combined we are able to get to the root of any health issues you are experiencing.” 


About Dr. Leslie

Dr. Leslie earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and her doctorate degree from Bastyr University, the leading innovator in natural health education. She has since dedicated her practice to the master gland or as it is commonly referred to thyroid health. She enjoys running, gardening, spending time with family and continuing to learn more about the thyroid health. In addition to the degrees earned, she has also achieved several certifications to gain more information on how she can help her patients:


  • Member of the ATA (American Thyroid Association)

  • Firstline Therapy Certification in Therapeutic Lifestyle Interventions

  • Certification in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

  • Certification Functional Endocrinology

  • Certification in Mastering The Thyroid

  • Certification in Advanced Food Allergies, Intolerances & Sensitivities

  • Certification in Functional Neurotransmitter Balance & Brain Health



"I have devoted my
practice to ensuring my
patient's thyroid health."

Based on extensive research and over 15 years of clinical experience, I've found that over 2/3 of thyroid cases go undiagnosed due to inadequate testing techniques in standard medical practices. Also, most patients who have been diagnosed are receiving inadequate treatment leading to less than an ideal quality of life.



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